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Introducing Lensrentals HD

Published March 18, 2013


What is LensRentals HD?

LensRentals HD is a shipping discount program. By signing up, you’ll get free Standard Shipping on all the orders you place for one year, and you’ll even save 50% on all FedEx Overnight shipping.

No items are excluded from the program: if we carry it, we’ll ship it free. Need a jib in Los Angeles? It’s free. Need 10 tripods in Miami? Totally free.

Who is LensRentals HD For?

Everyone that wants cheaper shipping to the contiguous US. (Sorry HI & AK!)

At only $99 a year, LensRentals HD makes sense for everyone. Only rent a few small orders per year? You’ll still save money with LensRentals HD. You only expect to place a single large order this year? You’ll still save. You rent all the time? You’ll save even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Standard Shipping?

    Standard Shipping is the most cost-effective FedEx service that will arrive by your selected arrival date — assuming there is a FedEx service that can arrive by that date other than FedEx Overnight. Standard Shipping may take the form of FedEx Ground, FedEx Express Saver or FedEx 2nd Day Air.

  • What about UPS?

    Because we only ship via UPS upon customer request, we do not have sufficient volume to offer LensRentals HD on UPS shipments. If you select a UPS shipping service, you will receive no LensRentals HD discount.

  • Can I share my LensRentals HD subscription?

    For now, we are unable to allow a single LensRentals HD subscription to be shared across multiple accounts. However, some businesses with multiple employee accounts may qualify for special pricing. Please contact us for more details.

  • Can I cancel LensRentals HD?

    You can cancel LensRentals HD before your first discounted order is shipped. Once your first discounted order is shipped, LensRentals HD is non-refundable.


Author: Drew Cicala

Posted in Lensrentals News and Alerts
  • Jim Bennett

    About what percentage of your customers sign up for this? I generally only rent 2-3 times a year, and my shipping usually seems to be about $25-30 each time. Is HD for me?

  • from when you sign up

  • Kris Petersen


    Is this offer 1 year from when we sign up, or one year starting in January?


  • Heather, yes it does

  • Heather A Heigel

    Does this cover return shipping as well

  • I’m super bummed that Alaska is not included, even though shipping rates are the same to here as they are to most places in the lower-48. T_T

  • Laura

    Does this program include my return shipping too?

  • Ben

    I get my packages shipped to work, Fedex Express Saver delays packages by multiple days. Is there a way to specify NOT to use that shipping if an HD member? This would be a deciding factor for me. i.e. I order to have a Wednesday arrival at work, it would not arrive until Friday. thanks

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