Insta360 One R Review

Lenses and Optics

The Insta360 One R is my Favorite Action Camera


Fundamentally, I’ve always sort of hated action cameras. Like so many others, I fell for the marketing push, and years ago, I bought myself a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, solely because of the amazing promotional video they put together to push the latest and greatest available in 2012. However, upon getting the camera, I […]

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #46 – New Gear Rodeo: Video Accessories


Gather round y’all, it’s time for another gear rodeo where we shoot the you-know-what talking about our experiences with gear from our inventory. Today Ryan is talking to the Lensrentals Onboarding Supervisor, Ally Aycock Patterson, and LensProToGo’s Dom Boisvert about which of our newest video products we’re excited about. We nerd out about products that may be a little more unexpected too, like switchers, gimbals, and even batteries if you can believe it.


Testing the Best Ultra-Wide Lenses for the Perseids Meteor Shower


Meteor showers can be some of the most exciting celestial events to shoot, but they can also be quite the challenge to get a good meteor photo. With about ten years of practicing astrophotography and timelapse, one of the best lessons I’ve learned with increasing chances of a good meteor shot is: go wider, a […]

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